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UPCOMING TALK: Tuesday, October 9th from 8:30 - 10:00am
LOCATION:  Microsoft, 5426 Bay Center Dr., Suite 700, Tampa, FL  33609
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October Tech talk

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“Scaling Your Business,” the October Diary of an Entrepreneur program

dean akers, founder, adjunct ceo

The October Diary of an Entrepreneur program, "Scaling Your Business, What Keeps You from Getting There?  Tips, ideas and dialogue to help you break through to growing the business you dream of will be presented by Dean Akers, Founder of ADJUNCT CEO.  Dean will explore the 3 Circles Process and other tips/techniques to help you have success. 

As a University of Florida graduate, Dean joined a Lakeland company as a warehouse runner. By the age of 28 he was became the COO/Vice President of Sales. During the recession of the 80’s, Dean took the organization from 50 million in sales to 103 million - 2 years later- with the same 300 folks that did 50 million.

At 30, Dean purchased a chain of tire stores. He grew it from a financially struggling company to the leading commercial tire company in the State of Florida. He sold the company and retired at age 40.

Dean didn't remain retired for long and shortly after he founded Adjunct CEO.

Under the Adjunct CEO program, Dean started Akers Construction and had a succesful exit.  In 2005, he was approached by the founders of Ideal Image to help them as their Adjunct CEO with strategy. He did and became a stockholder and the full time CEO. He grew the company from a single location in south Tampa to 65 locations across the United States doing 70 plus million in sales. The company had a successful exit for 175 million dollars in 2011. 

Currently, Dean is speaking and helping companies across the US seize their opportunities. Some of his recent clients include: Airheads Trampoline Centers, Sims Crane Service, Nexxtworks IT Company, LM Funding and Lifestyle Lift. 


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